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– Bringing home a puppy is a “countdown to sorrow.”


Otto VonBacon “The Dude” was our friend, companion and “chief of pack dynamics” for about 14 years. He was in all ways a true german, protective with an air of disdain for those he did not trust. But when you were in the “in crowd” he was loyal and extremely loving.

Many of you have shared your love and attention with him at parties, vacations or just somewhere hanging out. We still have a very hard time imagining the future without him and I know that many of you will miss him as well when you are here.

Otto was already having a really hard time in the second half of 2017 and in the week before Thanksgiving he made clear to us that it had been enough. The day after Thanksgiving our vet came and while I held him in my arms and Tamara and Amy sat close we told him one last time how much we loved him.

And for what seemed like the first time in his life he was fine with having his paw shaved and getting medication. While the Vet gave him a shot he fell asleep and was able to let go really fast as he rested his head in my hands.

As I carried him one last time to a beautiful spot on our property over looking the valley, we laid him to rest and talked about how much we love him.

He has been our constant companion and was Tamara’s loyal office buddy laying at her feet while she worked.

He was the keeper of time to make sure she would go into the kitchen on schedule so he could get all those vegetables he loved so much. I will never be able to eat broccoli without thinking about how much Otto loved it.

He was the crazy bubble hunter running and jumping for hours on end chasing soap bubbles.

He loved water even though he could not swim.

We are grateful for the love and companionship he has given us.

Ramon and Tamara



A few of a very young and small Otto:




And here a few of a slightly bigger Otto:




And of course Otto and snow because it was one of his favorite things to run through:




And Otto with his best friend Roxie Roo:




And because he loved to go running and catch bubbles:




And for the people he loved and protected:




He has been the party dog on birthdays loved to go on hiking trips and had a great time at ski cabins,  he scared people away from our fence in oakland and he loved sleeping in the sun on the outdoor couch.


He was Tamara’s constant companion laying under her desk and in the kitchen and of course he loved his sheepskin rug where he would sleep on in front of the fire (lucky for him we had a fire place in SF, Oakland and Garden Valley).




We miss you old man….




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