– Bringing home a puppy is a “countdown to sorrow.”   Otto VonBacon “The Dude” was our friend, companion and “chief of pack dynamics” for about 14 years. He was in all ways a true german, protective with an air of disdain for those he did not trust. But when you …

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Nature’s force

Now I understand that many of you have seen enough about the solar eclipse that just graced the USA. Or you feel it isn’t that interesting and/or you have seen way better images than I can possibly have taken. Of you I ask to give me a chance to not only show you some amazing …

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Our first new employee

    A few weeks ago Otto, our Chief of Vermin Control, had yet another stroke from which he miraculously seems to have recovered after being on death’s doorstep for a week. This is not only really hard since he is a beloved member of our family but it also laid bare a business problem …

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Chief of Pack Dynamics

    Our Chief of Pack Dynamics, Otto von Bacon, is going through a rough spell. I woke up at 1am last Monday to his pacing and wandering around the house, and I found him standing in the corner of my office disoriented. I pulled him into bed with us and he was literally freaking …

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