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Rebuilding the Yome Home



As you may recall from our previous blog entry I was left with a “broken” yome roof and a bruised ego in regards to my building skills.

So as we were already in great need of a vacation Tamara and I first went on a long weekend trip to Portland by train (you can find some photos of that on our Instagram account) and when we came back I had to wait for the storms that were coming through to pass so I could continue during an extended time of dry weather.



This extra time gave me the chance to figure out what the possible problems were and I found that the description was assuming there would be at least 3 people working on building the yome and since I was trying to do it alone there wasn’t anything like counterbalance.

After some pondering I figured out I could screw the bottom frame to the platform first and then while raising the sides. mount them on that frame as I go.

Dry weather came and I was able to raise the yome pretty quickly.



Once raised I could hang the siding from the rafters and tighten it on the frame and platform.

After this I put insulation against the roof and covered it with canvas and mounted it nicely around the top of the dome’s opening.



We still had a huge entry opening so I went to Placerville and bought a pre-hung door, framed it in, and then put up the wall insulation.



We now had a nice yome with a terrible plywood floor, but we had already spend quite a bit on this so buying expensive flooring seemed just a little too ridiculous.

I remembered that a few years ago I obtained a large amount of salvaged wood from Tamara’s cousin that had been outside for a long time, and that I, in turn, had stored outside in rain and sunshine.

I went to look at it and decided that it was PERFECT.



I turned part of it into a floor, sanded it and gave it a nice dark color and suddenly we had a beautiful extra bedroom.

And with a little imagination and love we furnished it and I built a fence with lights to create this little hideaway.




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