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Our first new employee



A few weeks ago Otto, our Chief of Vermin Control, had yet another stroke from which he miraculously seems to have recovered after being on death’s doorstep for a week.

This is not only really hard since he is a beloved member of our family but it also laid bare a business problem which we had been ignoring for a while now, the control of our vermin!


Otto hasn’t been able to do much work for a long time so we made him “Chief of Pack Dynamics” a while ago, and under some slight force from a friend we had a “temp” vermin control specialist for a weekend a while back and decided to keep her on since she is not just good at wiggling her way into small rodent holes but also good at wiggling her way into your heart.

Even though she came without a previous job history and her last place of residence was a shelter, she very much appears to be a Manchester Terrier and she has most definitely all the characteristics of a terrier but at the same time she is kind of an “anti Otto”. This doesn’t mean she doesn’t like Otto, it is more that she is very opposite to him in a way that she wants to hang out with everyone and she loves to cuddle… even with Otto which he really does not want.

So, let me introduce you to Copper McPenny.








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1 thought on “Our first new employee”

  1. Nice dog!! My cat disappeared in the fall and now I am being invaded by mice. I saw one on my carport yesterday. I am not ready for another cat yet, but may be forced to get one to get rid of the mice. I put out a trap, but have not caught anything yet. On verra!!

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