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Odds and Ends

It’s been quite a while since we’ve posted a blog and there is a lot to report.

First of all, our pool is finally finished. It is beautiful, but goodness, dealing with the pool contractors for the past five months was a total pain in the ***. I recently heard someone compare pool contractors to used car salesmen, and I think I would prefer buying a used car than dealing with a pool contractor. We are breathing a sigh of relief that we no longer have to deal with them and at least we ended up a stunning pool. Now on to the fun stuff – installing the landscaping and buying furniture for the patio.





Secondly, we put out to bid the conceptual designs for the retreat center, and all three commercial contractors came back with bids in the $2.5 million range. That is 2.5 MILLION. Ugh. Way over what we could spend if we want to make this project work financially. So we are back to the drawing board on the design. We met with one of the contractors to get ideas on how to redesign to reduce costs, and we are also considering phasing the project further. I don’t yet know what that will look like, but it may be that we build the cabins and the outdoor dining pavilion first, then build the larger indoor gathering space in a few years once we have some cash flow and a track record.

In the meantime, we have a few cabins/yurts we are renting out, with more on the way, so please contact us directly if you’d like to come up and stay and I can let you know what’s available for the dates you are interested in.

And SAVE THE DATE for our Friends and Family weekend – June 22 – 24, 2018. I will send out an email with more details in a few weeks, but please put it on your calendar. We’d love to see you!










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  1. The pool is beautiful. I can’t swim, but I can enjoy the scenery. I know you are proud of it. Be patient, the rest of the things will fall into place soon.

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