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Building a bathroom





As you all saw in my one of my previous entries we now have this beautiful Yome Home that is spacious, comfortable and cute but it is was lacking in one thing: a bathroom.

We’ve all been in hotels or have rented a house or a room or even have stayed at friends for a few nights and there are a few things that make our stay a lot more comfortable and enjoyable — a good bed and a nice bathroom.

So I took it upon myself to build a private bathroom for the Yome.
Since I want this bathroom to be nice with double walls it is going to take more wood and under normal circumstances it would be a shame to take more trees than we need.
But between the bark beetle and the drought we have so many dead trees all around us that our neighbor is milling our own trees that have died.





So not only are we using our own trees but we have them milled on site and so the impact on nature is as minimal as possible.
This wood has one added bonus besides the low carbon footprint. Because the bark beetle has taken these trees there is blue stain in the wood from the beetle that gives the wood a beautiful and interesting look.

So, hopefully when you next come for a visit you will be able to enjoy the luxury of this modern day fancy outhouse.






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