This year my garden has been a bit of a disappointment.  Partially my own doing, but not completely.  I always get excited when I order seeds for different kinds of peppers and tomatoes back in February, imagining everything I will do with them once they ripen later in the summer.  But the time lag between …

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I’ve been wanting to explore cheese-making since we moved to the country but I haven’t gotten around to it until now. The first summer we lived here I met a woman who owned a few dairy cows who was willing to let me have some raw cow’s milk if I came and milked the cow …

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Trinidad Perfume

Mid-September is the peak of pepper season for us, and the 15+ plants I put in the ground back in May are now weighted down with beautiful peppers and chiles in all shapes, sizes and colors.     We have purple jalapeños…     Yellow-green Jalor chiles…     Green-on-their-way-to-red California Wonder bell peppers…   …

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