‘Tis the Season

‘Tis the Season

You would think that owning 32 acres in the forest would mean we would never need to buy a Christmas tree. That’s certainly what we thought when we moved up here.  And the first few years Ramon did cut down smallish cedar trees and bring them inside to stand in for our tree.  They made the house smell nice, but they weren’t really that great for hanging ornaments.  So two years ago we pivoted and bought a “live tree” from a local nursery. We figured we could put it in a pot and set it outdoors for most of the year, bringing it in for two weeks during December.  Apparently the trees they sell as live Christmas trees don’t appreciate our hot summers, and the tree slowly withered away until it was completely dead by Christmas. Defeated, we didn’t even put up a tree last year.

But this year we were ready to take on a Christmas tree again.  Luckily there are many Christmas tree farms within very close proximity:  one of them, Northstar Tree Farm, is actually within walking distance although we wouldn’t be able to carry a tree on foot that far.  So our new goal is to try each of the tree farms on the Georgetown Divide over the next several years to find our favorite. First up in 2017:  Kenney, Harry & Heidi’s Christmas Trees, just down the road from us on Hwy 193.  Facebook page link

They are a small family owned farm so they are only open on the weekends.  There is a cute little shed where they have candy canes and hot drinks, and the trees are very reasonably priced – $65 to $75, depending on what kind of tree you pick.

We brought Copper, all decked out in her sweater to help us pick out a tree.











Like all the farms around here, you wander the property to find your perfect tree, then saw it down using the provided handsaw, or they will do it for you.











You can haul the tree back down the hill yourself…











…or find a few of their grandsons to help you.












This is the one she picked.











Here is a list of all of the tree farms on the Georgetown Divide:



Kenny, Harry & Heidi’s Christmas Trees

5987 Happy Trails Lane/Hwy 193

Garden Valley, CA 530-333-4936

Facebook page link

Open Saturdays and Sundays until sundown


Twin Pines Christmas Tree Farm

5150 Twin Pines Loop

Georgetown, CA


Facebook page link

Open 7 days / After Thanksgiving thru 12/22


Cynthia’s Christmas Tree Farm

4940 Star Lane/Volcanoville Rd.

Volcanoville, CA


Facebook page link


Greenwood Christmas Tree Farm

2465 Syd Rd.

Greenwood, CA


Facebook page link

Open: Friday, November 27 – Wednesday, December 23
Hours: Weekends: 9 am to 6 pm, Week days: 9 am to 5 pm


North Star Tree Farm

6000 Shoo Fly Road

Kelsey, CA


Farmtrails page link

Open Saturdays and Sundays: 9:30am – 4pm
Cool Forest Christmas Tree Farm

6141 Traverse Creek Road

Garden Valley, CA

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  1. Nice tree. I have a fiber optic one now in my old age!!! I have a book to recommend for your planting veggies. Check out HOME GROWN PANTRY by Barbara Pleasant. I don’t know much about it, but it looks like it would be good for those who do preserving, canning, etc. as you and I do from time to time.

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