Slowly but surely we are really starting to create the Reverie we are envisioning. And so we decided to renovate the guest cottage on the property. This is not just necessary due to a bug in the siding and so that we have a better place for our friends and family to stay when they …

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  Ramon and I spent the last two days meeting with real estate agents to sell our house in Oakland. It was so strange to look at the house we spent several years lovingly renovating, searching for just the right furniture for each space, through the critical eyes of a real estate agent. Of course …

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A Rare Eclipse of a Supermoon

    Sunday night we were ready for it… The Blood Moon Eclipse. So, I decided to go on the web and find some facts about why this is so rare.     The full Moon of September 27/28 was a Supermoon – the Moon was closest to the Earth, or at its perigee, as …

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Trinidad Perfume

Mid-September is the peak of pepper season for us, and the 15+ plants I put in the ground back in May are now weighted down with beautiful peppers and chiles in all shapes, sizes and colors.     We have purple jalapeños…     Yellow-green Jalor chiles…     Green-on-their-way-to-red California Wonder bell peppers…   …

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Praying for prey

If you thought the alien from the 1979 movie “Alien” was scary you are in for a treat. Every year around this time we are invaded by alien looking creatures that rate at least a 10 on the scary scale. If you could come up with the perfect alien monster to put under the bed …

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