a couple of influencers hugging each other in the hut tub in the middle of the woods


“I just found this pool in the middle of the woods.” – Vivian V, Instagram Influencer with 500,000 followers. We could not have imagined, when we built our pool, how much of an Instagram magnet it would become.  People book with us just because they want to take photos at the pool and share them …

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Our first new employee

    A few weeks ago Otto, our Chief of Vermin Control, had yet another stroke from which he miraculously seems to have recovered after being on death’s doorstep for a week. This is not only really hard since he is a beloved member of our family but it also laid bare a business problem …

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Real life scary story

Last Saturday was a nice break in between storms so I decided to clear some of the standing dead trees by going out and using my new chainsaw. By the end of the day I had cut down seven trees and it was time to call it a day and get back to the house …

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Reverie: Ghost Stories

    Ramon and I purchased the property that is now Reverie Retreat from the estate of Don and Phyllis Gernes.  When Don and Phyllis bought the property in the 1960s, the only building here was an old “miner’s cabin” and an outhouse.  Yet the property has a rich history of western settlement stemming from …

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Sneaky snake

    After all the rain storms we have had this winter and spring everything at Reverie seems to grow faster, taller and more abundant now that the sun is out and so this means more upkeep on the land. So I have been out with the chainsaw to cut away dead trees and bigger …

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Praying for prey

If you thought the alien from the 1979 movie “Alien” was scary you are in for a treat. Every year around this time we are invaded by alien looking creatures that rate at least a 10 on the scary scale. If you could come up with the perfect alien monster to put under the bed …

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Chief of Vermin Control

  I thought it was time for me to introduce myself and show my part in Reverie since it seems that the rest of the crew is taking my job a little too lightly.   Now I know that my life in the Bay Area was pretty good, although there were too many squirrels in …

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Cliff Hanger

  As many of you know, one of the big projects Reverie completed this year was having the area leveled, which is now home to our fire pit. What was once a lumpy hillside amazingly transformed into the perfect place to host meals and gatherings with the help of bulldozers, backhoes, and men stacking huge …

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Leopold meets the In-Laws

  I’m not sure how it works at other retreat centers, but at the one my family calls home, all marriages are arranged by first name.  My first name being Leopold (Please don’t call me Leo – thank you in advance), I was destined to wed a Leslie, a Lori, or a Larry.  As fate …

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