solar panels in reverie retreat

Power – or lack thereof

Like millions of other people in Northern California, we have experienced several power outages in the past few weeks. But unlike most of the customers, we have not had power for a total of 10 days in October – that is 1/3 of the month! We do have a portable back-up generator, which we installed …

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a mother duck sitting on the nest with her new baby ducks

Easter drama

Every spring we have watched a pair of Canada geese occupy their nest on top of our potting shed, protecting the eggs they’ve laid there and eyeing us suspiciously for weeks as we walk to and fro nearby.  Yet every year they have departed without succeeding in their quest for a family.  Something always seems …

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‘Tis the Season

You would think that owning 32 acres in the forest would mean we would never need to buy a Christmas tree. That’s certainly what we thought when we moved up here.  And the first few years Ramon did cut down smallish cedar trees and bring them inside to stand in for our tree.  They made …

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A bouquet of wild flowers

The other day we went on a hike a little higher in elevation from Reverie retreat on the Lyons creek. We were expecting it to be nice but also that the forest would be pretty dry when further from the creek. But were we surprised when we entered a bouquet of wild flowers all around …

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Atmospheric River

      Last week we were told that there was an atmospheric river forming that would hit the west coast on the weekend. On Saturday I saw people on social media making fun of the fact that there was no real rain and jokingly implying that we all might have been warned for just …

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Happy Holidays

  We would like to wish all our friends, family and supporters everywhere a happy Holiday season and a good New Year.           [wdi_feed id=”2″]

Summer explosion

This is the time of year when the garden is producing like crazy. It’s hard to keep up! I always want several varieties of each summer vegetable, but several varieties means several plants, and at this time of year, that can mean that our garden is producing way more than we can eat. And not …

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      With everything that is going on in the world at this moment it seems hard to find some peace and joy and see that we still live on a planet filled with magical beauty. So, after closing my Facebook and the NewYork times on my computer I decided that I needed to …

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Calling all Ducks

  Last weekend it finally happened again… the irrigation ditch started running. So once again while summer is starting and the temperatures are rising we are blessed with an abundance of water all around us. So it is time to start thinking about the rubber ducky race. Get your duck out now or start thinking …

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Love is in the air

    With spring in full swing our resident red-tailed hawks seem to have a full nest again and so we find ourselves awakened most mornings by the loud screeching of the male patrolling the property. Earlier in the spring we would often see both of them on the hunt, sitting on the tops of …

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