Our Land

Beetle dust

    The big news around Reverie is that our trees our dying at an alarming rate.  The Western Pine beetle that has already killed more than 66 million trees in California has finally invaded us too.  I thought we would be spared, at least somewhat, since up until about six weeks ago we only …

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      With everything that is going on in the world at this moment it seems hard to find some peace and joy and see that we still live on a planet filled with magical beauty. So, after closing my Facebook and the NewYork times on my computer I decided that I needed to …

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    The past few days we have had some wild storms come through and the first night the wind was so strong that we were worried that one or many of our big trees would fall victim to it. Saturday evening the power in our area went out and as far as I could …

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A loud boom

I had intended to write more about the renovation of the guest house but last Sunday we had another interesting experience. We were having a leisurely day and were just having breakfast as we heard a loud boom. This boom felt like it was right above us and so I ran outside to see if …

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