solar panels in reverie retreat

Power – or lack thereof

Like millions of other people in Northern California, we have experienced several power outages in the past few weeks. But unlike most of the customers, we have not had power for a total of 10 days in October – that is 1/3 of the month! We do have a portable back-up generator, which we installed …

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a mother duck sitting on the nest with her new baby ducks

Easter drama

Every spring we have watched a pair of Canada geese occupy their nest on top of our potting shed, protecting the eggs they’ve laid there and eyeing us suspiciously for weeks as we walk to and fro nearby.  Yet every year they have departed without succeeding in their quest for a family.  Something always seems …

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Five years.  That’s how long ago we purchased the property for Reverie Retreat.  If you had told us in 2012 how complicated it would be, and how long it would take, we most likely wouldn’t have done it.  It’s probably best that we didn’t know. And yet, here we are, five years later, and things …

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Clean Water

As some of you know and have seen we are fortunate to have a lot of water on our property.One of the best things is the “irrigation ditch” in which we have the rubber ducky race.   But when we are not duck racing we use the ditch water for irrigating our fruit trees, vegetables …

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Great News!

    Great News! Finally! We haven’t written a blog lately because for the past two months we were preoccupied with preparing for our hearing at the Planning Commission for our conditional use permit and didn’t want to write anything that would give anyone who might object to our project a stick to hit us …

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Project Development Update

    It’s been a while since we updated everyone on our project development process so here’s a quick end-of-the-year status report:   Conditional Use Permit process: Well the permitting process continues to be glacial, but even glaciers do move. And so is this one…finally. We have completed everything that El Dorado County needs from …

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        As Icarus found out the sun is a powerful source of energy. And so from the beginning we intended to have a renewable energy source and as most of you know we started the process of clearing land to make space for a large array a while ago (look at this …

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Good news

  I have some really good news to share about our permitting process. After we were told in November, 2015, in response to our special use permit application, that we couldn’t do a retreat center under our current zoning, we were waiting for the County Board of Supervisors to vote yay or nay on the …

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Bump in the road…or dead end?

    We’ve had a setback with the El Dorado County planning department. By way of background, we first met with the planning department in October, 2012, when we were still in escrow on the Reverie property, to find out from the Planning Department staff if we could do the Reverie project with the current …

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Moving up to Reverie

My name is Steven Cardenas and having officially moved up here from Roseville in June, I’m the newest addition to the Reverie team.  However, I’ve known Tamara & Ramon for a couple of years now and like their land, they’ve really grown on me.   Since I moved up to Reverie I’ve landed a job …

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