a mother duck sitting on the nest with her new baby ducks

Easter drama

Every spring we have watched a pair of Canada geese occupy their nest on top of our potting shed, protecting the eggs they’ve laid there and eyeing us suspiciously for weeks as we walk to and fro nearby.  Yet every year they have departed without succeeding in their quest for a family.  Something always seems …

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A bouquet of wild flowers

The other day we went on a hike a little higher in elevation from Reverie retreat on the Lyons creek. We were expecting it to be nice but also that the forest would be pretty dry when further from the creek. But were we surprised when we entered a bouquet of wild flowers all around …

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A Dutchman, flags, cheap beer, cars and fireworks

  Happy belated 4th. I thought it would be fun to show you our 4th of July weekend celebrations seen through the eyes of a Dutchman.     We started in Oakland on the 2nd where we were staying at our regular Hotel on Jack London square where everyone was getting ready for the weekend. …

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Local sausage

In our quest to be as hyper-local as possible, I took a sausage-making class last week with the idea of making sausage from meat we purchase from local ranchers.  Our neighbor on one of the 40-acre parcels adjacent to Reverie raises his own beef cattle and he’s willing to sell one to us but he …

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