We are finally starting to make progress on Reverie’s project development. We finalized the Wildfire Prevention Plan, which had to be done before we could move forward on anything else. Preparing this plan required hiring a Registered Forester to prepare a draft plan that could pass muster with two different fire agencies: the local

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After the fire

It was almost two years ago that we were confronted with a massive wildfire very close to Reverie, the King fire, that burned almost 100.000 acres and burned for a full month. Four days after the fire was ignited it had burned nearly 19.000 acres but as soon as it hit a certain area of

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We made it!

While the fire is not entirely extinguished, it is 94% contained. People and animals are returning to their homes and clean up efforts are in full effect. We experienced our first rains of the seasons, along with cooler temperatures. The pang of disappointment and the state of anxiety that defined our lives during the fire

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En Fuego

When I began my massage therapy private practice here in the Bay Area, two clients I met while working at the Claremont Spa encouraged me to go out on my own. I call them each Client Zero. One of them was connected to the Oakland Fire Dept. and within weeks, I was working with a

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