Five years.  That’s how long ago we purchased the property for Reverie Retreat.  If you had told us in 2012 how complicated it would be, and how long it would take, we most likely wouldn’t have done it.  It’s probably best that we didn’t know. And yet, here we are, five years later, and things …

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Building a bathroom 2

You might remember that after I finished building our Yome I wanted to build a bathroom (outhouse) behind it so that anyone staying in the yome has some additional comforts. I also mentioned that due to the bark beetle infestation many of our big trees have died, but since our neighbor now has a sawmill …

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Building a bathroom

        As you all saw in my one of my previous entries we now have this beautiful Yome Home that is spacious, comfortable and cute but it is was lacking in one thing: a bathroom. We’ve all been in hotels or have rented a house or a room or even have stayed …

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Rebuilding the Yome Home

    As you may recall from our previous blog entry I was left with a “broken” yome roof and a bruised ego in regards to my building skills. So as we were already in great need of a vacation Tamara and I first went on a long weekend trip to Portland by train (you …

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Building a Yome Home

Part yurt, part dome this “home” is more spacious and open without any fence-like latticework covering the walls and windows. We purchased a “do it yourself” kit which meant that we received the covering for the structure, the hardware (like bolts and nuts etc.) and “instructions” on how to build it. Before we received the …

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