White is hip

19 Feb 3 Comments Tamara Changes, Seasons

Ramon and I spent the last two weeks in Oakland, packing up the final remnants of our stuff, meeting with various contractors, and picking out paint colors.  White walls, white countertops, white everything is what Bay Area house buyers are looking for, apparently. Which doesn’t completely work for our house since we have so much woodwork, but we are trusting that our real estate agents know what they are talking about and going with white as much as we can. The stager thought the white trend had something to do with the Apple stores.



On Wednesday the movers met us at 8am to load up our stuff and take it to Spanish Flat.  We have two houses worth of furniture and kitchenware, and usually in a move I would get rid of furniture that I wasn’t going to use in the new place, but in this case, since we are building a lot but don’t know exactly what we are building yet, we had to put quite a few things in storage, at least until we figure out what we are doing.  Funny that we have 32 acres and we still have to rent a storage unit!

We’ve lived more than three years in this house on Spanish Flat with furniture and artwork that we inherited from the previous owners.  It’s nice to now have our own things around us that we carefully selected and gathered over the years.  The house now feels like our own.



We left two weeks ago when it was winter and we came back to glorious spring!  The temps are in the low 70s and the daffodils, spireas, and stone fruit trees are starting to bud out.  The tiny frog that lives on the other side of our front door has been chirping away like crazy.



I spent the weekend pruning all of the fruit trees (all 25 of them) to give them a good start for the growing season.



I think we are supposed to get another storm later this week so this might have just been a spring “break” and we’ll be back to our regularly scheduled winter.  Let’s hope so, since we still need more rain.

We have a few things brewing this week regarding the progress of the permitting process, but I don’t want to divulge details until things are more concrete, so stay tuned for an update next week of where things stand.

(The blog was written a few days ago and so the storm has already come and gone).