We made it!

1 Oct No Comments Ramon Fire

While the fire is not entirely extinguished, it is 94% contained. People and animals are returning to their homes and clean up efforts are in full effect. We experienced our first rains of the seasons, along with cooler temperatures. The pang of disappointment and the state of anxiety that defined our lives during the fire have been dampened and quelled by the simple fact that – we made it!

I’m not going to lie – it is quite challenging to write a blog for Reverie today. The past month has brought an equal amount of excitement, fear, disappointment and relief.   I, for one, was thrilled for our first Acro event at Reverie…we had guests traveling from the east coast, Costa Rica and Seattle…the weekend was to combine my two most treasured things of recent years – Reverie, and Acro. Then the fire came…it was terrifying. We were checking updates on-line on an hourly basis; the turning of the winds has never held so much power over our fate. And the smoke – we had to cancel the event. Of course it was hard for our participants to accept – couldn’t there be an alternate solution? For us – we were at risk for losing everything; neighbors had been evacuated, tens of thousands of acres had burned, critters had fled or periled.

But we didn’t lose everything…and the relief of that is, well, enough to ease the pang of disappointment. There is a balance in life – taking risks and managing variables that you have absolutely no control over. Some people say that control is an illusion; nothing like a nearly 100,000 acre fire to drive that lesson home.


With humility and gratitude,