14 Jun 2 Comments Ramon Life, Our Land, Seasons



With everything that is going on in the world at this moment it seems hard to find some peace and joy and see that we still live on a planet filled with magical beauty.

So, after closing my Facebook and the NewYork times on my computer I decided that I needed to go out and find the things that show us that there is more than the pain we human cause each other too often.

And to my joy I din’t have to go far because right outside our front door under the roof and tucked in a corner of a drainpipe is this tiny nest where I found this happy couple starting new life.

They have chosen an interesting spot as it is so close to where we walk in and out often and when she (or he) is on the eggs she does not really like us being so close.



But the upside is that they have lighting in the evening close to their little home and they have electricity included in their rent.

Better yet, they have a fruit tree right next to them which has amazing sweet and yummy peaches so when I walk past she gets off the nest and dives into the peach tree.

And with this introduction of love just walking out the door I thought my next stop should be our garden/orchard where the food is plentiful and the sun is shining.

I was not disappointed hanging out in the garden for a while since I could hear the sounds of birds calling for each other’s attention all around me… Woodpeckers hopping from tree to tree diving to the ground and back up, hummingbirds on the flowers chasing each other and then this couple sitting on the fence in what must be that first awkward date but you already know you are in love.



I hope that with this small show of love in the air you too will find peace and joy in the beauty of the world around us and even when all the news and information that now pours into us from all of our devices is more negative than positive take a moment to unplug and look around to see that the planet still moves and love is still all around us.