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20 May 2 Comments Ramon Our Land, Seasons

There are many things I love about Reverie like the peace and quiet, the wild life, the springs and ponds, all the beautiful trees, the food we grow and of course the stunning views. But there is one thing that has the ability to be the highlight of any day, it can make you reflect or feel in awe, sometimes you just get happy from it and other times it can even make you teary eyed. It makes those who are here and see it stop in their tracks and is never the same.

It is the sunset of Reverie.

So, I have decided to pick the top 10 sunsets from the 7000+ photo’s I have taken at Reverie. I have put them in no particular order since I would love to hear from you what your 3 favorites are and let me know in the comment section at the bottom of the page.


1: Half way



2: Clear path



3: Ominous




4: Shades of blue




5: Firestorm




6: Joy




7: Venus




8: Rolling thunder




9: River




10: Smoke signal




Let me know which ones you like best.