8 Mar 1 Comment Ramon Our Land, Seasons



The past few days we have had some wild storms come through and the first night the wind was so strong that we were worried that one or many of our big trees would fall victim to it.

Saturday evening the power in our area went out and as far as I could look out from our house there was no light at all,  but lucky for us we woke up the next day to power (well we woke up at 4 am finding that we forgot to “turn off” a few lights during the black-out).

Sunday night it rained so hard that it kept me up at night from the sound of the hard rain hitting our metal roof.



Monday I drove to Auburn and along the way there were streams on ponds everywhere and at many places driving down the canyon there were small waterfalls.
The American river was looking extra fearsome and while normally this is a reasonably easy rafting river I have the feeling that right now it is a fun challenge for the real “river rats”.

Yesterday I took some beautiful photos of the sunset with moisture rising up from the trees.



Today I walked around our property to see if there was any damage and I was pleased to see that there was nothing more than a few more dead branches that fell but what I instead found were overflowing ponds to a size we have not seen in the four winters we have been here.

For those of you who have been here and have walked to and around the “big pond” (or have even gone for a swim in it), the path that goes around one end of the pond and normally is at least 5 or 6 feet above the water level now is right on the water’s edge.  Below are a few photos that I took today in comparison to last summer when my boys were swimming in it.






And the last few photos are from the top of our property looking southwest —  I was able to see the high-rises from Sacramento.
In the photo below that is most zoomed in you can see the contours of it in the center of the image (taken with a phone so not the highest quality possible).