Shoulder Season

15 Oct 1 Comment Ramon Seasons

Warm evenings rank as one of my favorite things about Reverie. Growing up in Connecticut, I was privy to New England summer nights. It’s a muggier, greener version than we have in Garden Valley, but warm. In more recent years, I was BART’ing home from work in the East Bay where it was 75 degrees and sunny at the MacArthur station only to step onto the platform in Glen Park where it was 60 degrees and raining. Wearing a t-shirt at 9pm with a warm breeze blowing up the hillside is a welcome treat indeed.

Our seasonal irrigation ditch water has stopped, which signals the cooler (hopefully rainy) weather is coming. The roar of rubber duck engines – quacks perhaps – quieted until 2015. Down have come the shade structure and the tents. Away have gone the yet to be used yoga mats we bought for the Acro weekend, the stargazing chairs. Tarp over the woodpile, an extra blanket on the bed.

Reverie serves to encourage our minds to wander, to remember, to dream. It may be a few months before the return of warm evenings, but they’ll be back. Join us!