Renovation continued

11 Nov No Comments Ramon Progress


Before the rain started we (my dad and I) were able to finish putting “tarpaper” on the building to prevent water from getting to the frame of the building.

We received the wood we purchased from which we are going to make the new siding and chose some different stain colors to give the building a unique look.



We removed the old large window facing the woods and installed out-swinging French doors.

It was supposed to be an easy install since the window reached the same height as the door so there was no need to do any structural changes.

The rough opening was made easy and the door was in place in 30 min, together with my dad, Tamara’s dad and myself.

Then it started getting tricky as we needed to level it so that both doors were flush and would open and close without any problems, this took us about the rest of the day.

But after a few hours we did get the door right and it is looking good.



Next day my dad stained the door and put some new hardware on it.



At the same time we started dealing with the bathroom/shower which is in need of some upgrading.



It’s on ongoing project between the rather frequent rain we’ve been having (not that I’m complaining) and working around my parents.  Now that they are back in the Netherlands I can get started on renovating the interior.