Real life scary story


Last Saturday was a nice break in between storms so I decided to clear some of the standing dead trees by going out and using my new chainsaw.

By the end of the day I had cut down seven trees and it was time to call it a day and get back to the house to get ready for a Halloween party that night.   But I decided to do one last thing:  clear around the base of a large tree that I wanted to cut later once I cleared all the other felled trees that were now laying on the ground.

I started to clear the brush from around the base of this huge tree when I suddenly felt something hurting on the top of my head… I looked around and saw hundreds of wasps swarming all around me and I started to run. Of course, since I was surrounded by fallen trees, I could not run but had to first scramble under and over logs to get to a clear path.

I started running up the muddy path and my feet slipped right out from under me.  I went down hard, face smacking right on the ground. I got up and ran off again still feeling excruciating stinging on my head… I stopped and didn’t see that many wasps anymore but I still felt stinging… I smacked the top of my head and found a wasp stuck in my hair just stinging like crazy.



That night I found myself in bed on a few pain killers and multiple antihistamines to mitigate my body’s reaction to all the wasp stings.  I didn’t make it to the party.  

It took two days for the headache to go away but I still have a bump on my head from that one wasp that just kept going at the same spot.