Praying for prey

16 Sep 1 Comment Ramon storytelling

If you thought the alien from the 1979 movie “Alien” was scary you are in for a treat.

Every year around this time we are invaded by alien looking creatures that rate at least a 10 on the scary scale.

If you could come up with the perfect alien monster to put under the bed of your high school bully this is what you would probably come up with.

These creatures have 5 eyes: 2 compound eyes and 3 “normal” eyes that are located on top of their head, which they can rotate 180°.

With their 4 legs and 2 arms (that technically are legs as well) they can stand on pretty much any surface including something as smooth as glass, and so this predator can hunt you down anywhere in your spaceship or mountain retreat. After they get close to you, or more likely you get close to them, they use their two impressive claw-like scissor hands to snatch you up, break your back and bring you towards their beak-like mouth, which has a mustache under it made up of fingers from which there is no escape.



Good thing for us here at Reverie that these monsters are not very good at walking–they have more of a wobble than a walk and they are not very good at that either. Imagine a sailor that has just returned from a 2 year trip without any beer walking into a pub where happy hour just got extended for the whole night and every second beer is free.
But of course they can fly.  Again, they are not very good at that but they can fly at night — remember those 5 eyes — in combination with another great perk that allows them to detect when someone else is using echolocation to find them.

Lucky for us they are the size of my finger and we at Reverie do not have to fear for our lives as all the moths do.



I now hear you give a little chuckle and any fear you had while reading this is gone.

But if you, like me, are a hummingbird lover there is something to fear since the Mantis does not shy away from killing a hummingbird at the feeder.



I hope I did not scare you so much that you are afraid to come visit us at Reverie but in case I did they only invade us for a few short weeks.