Placer Wine Trail

5 Apr No Comments Ramon Leisure, Wine


Last week we found ourselves with a free weekend after some things got canceled last minute and this normally tends to result in working on the garden etc.

First we went to the farmers market in Auburn to get those things we do not have ourselves yet.
Auburn isn’t around the corner and when we were finished with our shopping at the market we decided to just have a fun day instead of working.

We decided that wine tasting was going to be it and the great thing was that we have not yet done any tasting in the Auburn area and we had no plan what so ever on what wineries to visit .
It is so rare that we are not on a specific task or plan that when we arrived (at 11 am) at the first winery that looked interesting we found it was still closed and so we drove to the next, which was still closed.

Quickly we learned that almost all wineries in that area don’t open until noon.
We decided to just drive up to a winery and ask if we could just wait outside in the sun until they opened and of course this was not a problem.

The first winery we visited and sat outside for a while, watching the red-tailed hawks hunting, was Lone Buffalo vineyards,
a winery that at first glance appears a little more commercial with event and group facilities.

But once inside it was clear that first appearances can be deceiving and the owners (Jill and Phillip Maddux) were pouring and the feeling of a family business where wine is made with love took the overtone. Not only was the service and atmosphere very pleasant but the wines were excellent and especially interesting.

Our eye, and tastebuds, fell on a really nice tempranillo and a really nice and crisp vermentino.
And they had a really smooth tawny style port.




Of course the owners of Lone Buffalo vineyards were so kind to suggest a next winery and so we drove on to PaZa estate winery.

This winery has that more secret feel to it since it is a little further off the beaten path with a cozy outdoor tasting area.
When we drove up we were lucky enough to find owner/winemaker Zane all to ourselves for an intimate wine tasting experience.

To be able to discuss his more natural approach to winemaking and possible future collaborations with Reverie was energizing and fun.

His wines are really great and we were especially impressed with his rose of petite sirah and his primitivo.

So if you find yourself in the Auburn area go on the Placer Wine Trail and find these two great wineries and more.