Pacific tree frog

9 Apr No Comments Ramon Our Land

Having had some rain it is a great time to go out on Reverie and look for some frogs.
We have many frogs and most of them seem to be tree frogs that can be found almost everywhere.
There are Pacific tree frogs and California tree frogs.

They like to hide in the basement, outdoor showers, the garden, and of course the trees.

The fun part is that many of them are not shy and will allow you to pick them up and sit on your hand until you put them down again. The Pacific tree frog seems especially abundant at Reverie so I took some photos of them.

Pacific tree frog (Pseudacris regilla)

The name “tree frog” is not entirely accurate. This frog is chiefly a ground-dweller, living among shrubs and grass typically near water, but occasionally it can also be found climbing high in vegetation. Its large toe pads allow it to climb easily, and cling to branches, twigs, and grass.

But the most interesting thing about these frogs is that they can change color from brown to green.





Listen to this frog: