New life

3 Jun 1 Comment Ramon Our Land, Seasons

Most days I go on a walk around the property to check on things like the irrigation system, ponds and our drinking water storage, and so yesterday morning I went around with my camera in hand since I also wanted to take some photos for our blog and newsletter.  While I was walking at the top of the property along the irrigation ditch, I suddenly heard a soft high pitch whining coming from an area thick with brush and blackberries.

Now it’s pretty common for me to hear and see animals up close since they are used to me walking around and so they know that I do not really pose a threat.

But this was different, it almost sounded like there was a small animal in distress so I decided to check it out.

After a few steps closer I noticed this stumbling little creature in the blackberry vines that seemed a little disoriented, and I immediately started worrying about how I was going to make sure it stayed safe from all the predators until a loud noise made me aware of its mother standing really close by.

I moved back and when I looked back from a distance I could see that it was the perfect spot to give birth to new life in the shade and shelter of tall trees and thick brush.

Mother allowed me to snap a few pictures of her new fawn before I went on my way to give them the peace and quiet they needed.




She is going to be a great addition to the small herd we have at Reverie.

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