Moving up to Reverie

22 Jul No Comments Steven News

My name is Steven Cardenas and having officially moved up here from Roseville in June, I’m the newest addition to the Reverie team.  However, I’ve known Tamara & Ramon for a couple of years now and like their land, they’ve really grown on me.


Since I moved up to Reverie I’ve landed a job at Mar-val’s, the local grocery store in Georgetown, as a courtesy clerk.  During the second week of work a couple of coworkers invited me to go paddle boarding at the American river.  Wanting to make new friends I instantly said yes and that day learned the proper way to put a paddleboard into the water.  Then, much to my chagrin, promptly fell off twice.  After a beautiful day at the river my coworkers invited me to go to the Miner’s Club, the local bar in town. True to how a small town ought to be, when I walked into the bar everyone in town knew each other.  Folks sure are friendly here!


So far my month up at Reverie has revolved around prepping for the upcoming event.  I’ve also had the privilege to witness amazing sunsets and spectacular stars at night.  And for those who appreciate fishing, there are two ponds. This land is very special and I trust you’ll soon see why.