Love is in the air

19 Apr No Comments Ramon Seasons



With spring in full swing our resident red-tailed hawks seem to have a full nest again and so we find ourselves awakened most mornings by the loud screeching of the male patrolling the property.

Earlier in the spring we would often see both of them on the hunt, sitting on the tops of different trees but always within earshot.

Now we pretty much only see one of them and most of the time it is the male being sent out to get some food for the hungry kids or keep the perimeter safe from intruders.

It is clear that he has no luck keeping the vultures out, they pay no attention to him at all, nor does he have any success with the crows who always fly in a group.




But it also seems that he knows who is a threat and who isn’t.

On a regular basis we have one or two golden eagles fly over that rarely show any interest in what our tiny swat of land has to offer to his or her royal highness of the skies.  Our little ponds don’t hold big enough fish and we have too little open land for a good dive to swoop some little critter off the ground.

Yet our red-tailed hawk seems to disagree with the potential threat these birds of gold pose to his red-tailed offspring.



And so a few days ago while we were outside I noticed an increase in noise from the hawk and when looking up we could see him attack a golden eagle, which was at least twice his size, over and over.

The eagle did not seem to care at first but the relentless attack from our hawk were clearly started to annoy the eagle and maybe even posed a real threat to his or her health.

The eagle, although trying to keep a cool posture, vacated the air domain of our hawk quickly and we were able to resume drinking our wine in peace and enjoy the view knowing that the hawk had once more kept us safe from grave danger.