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As Icarus found out the sun is a powerful source of energy.
And so from the beginning we intended to have a renewable energy source and as most of you know we started the process of clearing land to make space for a large array a while ago (look at this blog from Jan. 27th “Clearing the way“).
And so we found this amazing local solar company with a long standing reputation of excellence to start our switch from the grid to being more self sufficient.
Matt, the owner of Ericson Solar, has worked in over 100℉ (38C) weather to build the ground mount structure for a 44 panel array that will provide all the energy we need for a long time to come.
First creating a layout and marking it on the hillside, then putting in markers and digging the holes for the poles that will hold the structure up (this was not easy since we live in gold country and there is a lot of quartz and other rock).



Then digging a 350 foot trench from the array site to our electrical main.



Building the structure that is perfectly angled.



AND yesterday the solar panels arrived and together with two trucks we drove them to the site and Matt and his team (including his son) installed all panels in one day in the blistering sun (while one crew member was just lounging about in the shade)…



This has been, and still is, an exciting step towards making our dream retreat come true and we hope that you will all keep supporting us during this endeavor and with doing so support local and smaller businesses.



Like Daedalus, who warned Icarus of the power of the sun, we are trying to create a “dancing ground” or gathering space, maybe not for Ariadne but for everyone else.

And like Daedalus we understand the power of the sun and of the sea, and so we will use the power of the sun to create our vision of this beautiful gathering space and we will use the power of the water in the creation of an amazing pool.