Having a reverie at Reverie

27 Aug 2 Comments Ramon Culinary

Living 24/7 at Reverie makes you go into daydreams at random times and sometimes this happens to a few of us together, since that’s just so much more fun.



Starting with the background story of the “daydream” we’ve been having last week, I must say that this probably started at least a decade ago when David Salowich (now on the verge of opening a store devoted to American-made craft chocolate on College Avenue in Oakland – see article) and Tamara were mesmerizing about food. Granted they did this a lot and so at one point while discussing food once again they came up with the challenge of figuring out which 5 foods you would want to have with you on a deserted tropical island…..hmmmm what to choose, what to choose, since there is so much goodness to choose from.

So last week as Tamara and I were sitting on the deck eating grilled salmon and vegetables from our garden and drinking a glass of local wine while looking at the stunning sunset I commented that salmon is just one of my favorite things to eat… which made Tamara ask “But what would you choose to have with you on a deserted tropical island?”

Now there are rules to this thing. You have to assume you are on this island for the rest of your life and you will have an endless supply of the 5 foods you choose.

There are of course a few freebies that you will receive (think hunger games parachute stuff) like salt since there is an ocean, all that is needed to build a fire, and we’ve decided that pretty soon after you arrive you find a ship wreck that had a whole set of All-Clad pots and pans as its cargo and there was a huge stash of olive oil in its galley.

But WHAT are the 5 items we chose?

  1. Salmon:  its versatile, can be eaten raw to fully cooked, smoked, etc.
  2. Avocado, because Tamara can’t imagine a life without it… and  g u a c a m o l e — need I say more?!
  3. Peaches, we need something sweet but you can still cook with them and they are just yummer the yummy.
  4. Almonds — what would life be without a nut and this is the best nut of all.
  5. And last but not least we need a pepper…, something to spice things up when needed and bring that extra change of flavor, so we chose jalapeños.

Of course we debated coffee, chocolate (Stan would bring that fo sho), power bars, wine, beer, corn, chicken (but chances are there are a few strange animals on that island that taste like chicken) and much much more…. but you can only choose 5 even if you are going to be on the island with more people 🙂

So what are your 5 things?!?!?!?! (leave a comment!)