From Tree to Shelf

11 Mar 3 Comments Ramon Woodworking

Maintaining 32 acres means doing a lot of clean-up, not only clearing weeds and brush but also clearing some trees. At Reverie we are lucky to have dense foliage and many tall trees that provide shade in the summer and as well as habitat and safe haven for many animals.

Yet at times we need to thin areas or take down hazardous or sick trees. So, what do we do with them?…. Well, we use a lot of the main trunks and bigger limbs as firewood since it is our only source of heat in the house and we also use it in our outdoor fire pit. Smaller branches we chip for our pathways, gardens and compost.

But last year our neighbor asked me if we wanted some of more quality logs turned into lumber — his dad has an old sawmill on his property and was willing to turn our logs into nice planks.

We loaded some logs onto his truck and a month later we had a truck load of 2×4’s, 2×6’s and some odd extra shapes and sizes.

Now the wood has been stacked up to dry for well over a year and when Tamara asked if I could build a few more shelves in the kitchen I figured I should go check out our stack of lumber and went online to see what the various possibilities are on building some nice shelving.

After having stripped the wood from its bark I planed it with a hand plane then sanded and cut the board in two equal lengths.
I cleaned it and sealed it with a transparent seal and used galvanized piping to mount the shelves top side.

And here is the finished product of my labor.