Finding Treasure

21 Jan 1 Comment Ramon Our Land

Now I have to admit that I’m not someone who believes that I will find huge riches by luck or through some random way, for instance I do not play the lottery or ever buy one of those scratch tickets and so I do not really believe I will ever find a gold nugget or something similar at Reverie.

But these things of course do happen, people find masterpieces at garage sales and people do win the lottery and you might remember last year’s news that a couple living in our area found a few old cans filled with mint gold coins from the Gold Rush area.

At Reverie I have however found small treasures like beer cans from the 50’s and 60’s, an old car from 1953, old board games and of course the many beautiful quartz rocks with shiny crystals.  But imagine my surprise when I found this old looking metal box on a remote corner of the property. I have yet to open it since it is closed tight and corroded and I’m a little afraid there will be nothing of interest in it, yet I am excited to find it might be hidden treasure.

In my next blog I will let you know what I find when I am able to open it.