Clearing the way

27 Jan 2 Comments Ramon Progress



As Tamara mentioned in our last blog entry we are busy planning the expansion of Reverie.
One of the first things that we both feel is needed is an alternative energy system and so we have decided that solar is a priority.
As some of you have seen while at Reverie we have two beautiful look-out areas that have a hillside of manzanita in between and a few towering gray pines.
We thought this hillside to be a perfect spot for ground-mounted solar panels that can fulfill our current and future energy needs at Reverie.
But as I said this hillside is filled with manzanita which by itself is very pretty but on a larger scale is a dangerous fuel for forest fires and so this gives us two good reasons to clear the hill.
Luckily we have had a lot of rain which is good for the area in general but it also makes it easier to clear for our arborist who has not only taken care of our oak trees but also helps us clear areas that need it.



The arborist and his son have now worked the hillside for a few days and the result is stunning to see. The top look-out area that was always somewhat enclosed by the brush now gives the viewer a stunning sight of the valley below and on a nice clear day even shows us Mount Diablo (which can be seen in one of the photos below).



As this project moves forward I will keep you all up to date on its progress.