Chief of Vermin Control

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I thought it was time for me to introduce myself and show my part in Reverie since it seems that the rest of the crew is taking my job a little too lightly.


Now I know that my life in the Bay Area was pretty good, although there were too many squirrels in Oakland and they were pretty disrespectful of the boundaries of our house.  But now that I am living permanently up in the foothills my job has dramatically increased — yet it seems that my people feel I have an easy life!   So I decided to show you what I have been doing since we moved up here.

First off I am part of the planning process since I give moral support at all times.



Then there is the security I provide while my people are working outside.  This is a really important one since there are many predators around that could hurt them and they are so clueless about it — besides the fact that they have such poor eyesight and sense of smell. It’s amazing they don’t get in trouble all the time.



And of course I help keep the place clean. With all those random sticks lying around I obviously need to get those out of the way before someone trips over them.




And without a doubt the hardest job of all is trying to remove all vermin from 32 acres and that includes all those deer…. there are just so many.



So now you can imagine that sometimes I need a rest.




Chief of Vermin Control Out…




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