Celebrating progress

3 Sep 1 Comment Ramon Progress

We started our meeting this morning with a pat on the back; taking time to acknowledge the steps we have taken since that snow-shoveling season. I thought it would be a good idea to capture this sentiment in writing, partly to share it with you, but also to have something we can easily reference when things don’t feel so smooth.


Since closing on the property on December 28th, 2012 we have been in a state of constant learning. Controlled burns, pruning fruit trees, chipping wood, falling trees, water regulation, irrigation lines, septic systems, event planning, food and wine pairing…the list goes on and on. We have made significant changes to the property – leveling out two areas for gathering spaces, re-doing the driveway, building an outdoor shower, turning the lower orchard into an enclosed garden, and leveling 30 campsites. We have worked with attorneys to create an LLC agreement and are working with an engineer to create a site plan. We have hosted 8 events and have had the pleasure of many friends and family members come share in the bounty of this land.

While at times we find that things takes twice as long as we think they will, and require twice the effort, there are also times when it seems like we have accomplished so much in not a lot of time. Let this post serve as a celebration of our efforts and progress thus far, and offer a gesture of gratitude for you supporting us in the ways that you do.