13 Jul No Comments Ramon News, Progress

      As Icarus found out the sun is a powerful source of energy.   And so from the beginning we intended to have a renewable energy source and as most of you know we started the process of clearing land to make space for a large array a

An inconclusive update

5 Jul 3 Comments Tamara Photography, Progress, Vacation

    On June 20, Ramon and I attended a TAC (Technical Assistance Committee) meeting with the El Dorado Planning Department. This was the next step in our process to obtain a special use permit for Reverie Retreat. The way it was supposed to unfold is that each department would

Clearing the way

27 Jan 2 Comments Ramon Progress

    As Tamara mentioned in our last blog entry we are busy planning the expansion of Reverie. One of the first things that we both feel is needed is an alternative energy system and so we have decided that solar is a priority.   As some of you have