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I’ve been wanting to explore cheese-making since we moved to the country but I haven’t gotten around to it until now. The first summer we lived here I met a woman who owned a few dairy cows who was willing to let me have some raw cow’s milk if I

Crisp sweet and slightly spicy

7 Jun 1 Comment Tamara Culinary

    One of the pieces of advice I received when I first moved up to the sierra foothills was to plant things at the right time of the year. Sounds reasonable, but my gardening experience up to that point was in the mild climate of Oakland, where my biggest

Parsley as primary

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Parsley is usually in a supporting character role, and a predictable one at that. We are all very familiar with its competence at bringing a final pop of vibrancy to a dish, or adding color to monochromatic presentations, but when is the last time you had a dish with parsley

In Between Spring

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  This time of year is always a challenging one in the kitchen for me.  We’ve been eating greens for months, with still a few more months to go, but I’m already running out of ideas that pique our interest and taste buds.       The apples I put

Seasonal transition

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Fall has definitely arrived at Reverie.  The temperatures have been down in the 40s at night (maybe even the high 30s a few nights), and the sun is lower in the sky during the day, casting an otherworldly glow through the changing leaves at dusk.  The sunsets begin to be

Odds and Ends

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A bit of news this week: we finally, FINALLY, submitted our application to the County of Eldorado for our special use permit for Reverie Retreat. The day we submitted it, October 9, was almost three years to the day that we first met with county planning staff while we were

Trinidad Perfume

23 Sep 1 Comment Tamara Culinary, Garden

Mid-September is the peak of pepper season for us, and the 15+ plants I put in the ground back in May are now weighted down with beautiful peppers and chiles in all shapes, sizes and colors.     We have purple jalapeños…     Yellow-green Jalor chiles…     Green-on-their-way-to-red


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  Another Friends and Family weekend is behind us and we want to thank everyone who helped make it so much fun!       As always it was a weekend devoted to good, healthful food, great friends, and lots of relaxing.       This year everyone still had