Atmospheric River



Last week we were told that there was an atmospheric river forming that would hit the west coast on the weekend.
On Saturday I saw people on social media making fun of the fact that there was no real rain and jokingly implying that we all might have been warned for just a little rain that isn’t even filling up a small bucket.


But then it hit and it HIT HARD.
Our little stream has now become a raging waterway and is running outside its banks. The ponds are also bigger than we have ever seen them and are overflowing in places that have not had water running in a very long time.
Even the irrigation ditch seems to have more water than it does during its actual running season.



Of course the real show is at the American River and so on Tuesday I drove down to take a few photos in different spots along the way down.



Once I got to a spot above the Chili Bar Dam I decided to hike down towards a spot right above it to see if I could get some nice shots from the dam itself.
There isn’t a real path and slowly going down I came across an old car wreck of what once must have been a horrible accident.



But finally I ended up on the cliff right above the dam and was confronted with a true force of nature as I could feel the power of all that water raging down, taking with it whole trees.





Then I drove down to the river to see it from the bridge at Chili Bar.


Below is a view from google maps on how the river normally is and how it is now.