all that glitters.. ain’t gold

22 Oct No Comments Ramon Our Land

Fall is one of those times in the year that we can do all those projects that we can not do during the summer when we have events and winter can be difficult with the weather. So last week we had our “now” favorite arborist here to deal with some bad trees.

Bobby (the arborist) and I are walking the property and while he does his magic I stand around and film or keep stuff out of his way. First tree down, a long dead really tall fir that can only cause trouble during a bad storm and will provide us with some good firewood to keep us warm during those cold winter days. Second was a badly leaning grey pine that drops its bombshell cones in the orchard and made us feel we needed to wear hardhats…. While Bobby is doing this I’m just observing in awe of the way this man is able to cut down a massive tree that is strangely angled and still put it exactly down where it does the least amount of damage to all other trees.

We drive on to the star gazing area where a few dangerous grey pines need to go and Bobby says, “There is probably gold here with all that quartz everywhere.”

I tell him that there is no doubt there is gold since the previous caretaker of the property was gold panning in one of the streams and there is a gold mine, the problem is just that it’s not easy to find¾ especially since there is so much shiny quartz around.


Which brings me to last year when my kids (Dion and Bento) were here and we went gold panning in Coloma, where gold was first discovered, and the park ranger explained to us that when you pan for gold there is one important rule: all that glitters… ain’t gold!

Gold does not shine and will always be at the bottom since it’s heavier than most other things you will find around.

So when you come up to Reverie on a sunny day and you are walking around the property and maybe look in the streams or ponds remember that if it glitters it ain’t Gold.