After the fire

27 Jul 1 Comment Ramon Fire

It was almost two years ago that we were confronted with a massive wildfire very close to Reverie, the King fire, that burned almost 100.000 acres and burned for a full month.

Four days after the fire was ignited it had burned nearly 19.000 acres but as soon as it hit a certain area of dense forrest the fire exploded and ran nearly 18 miles to spread an area of 70.000 acres.
The majority of the rapid expansion in burning forrest happened in 90 min and huge pyro cumulus clouds were visible in a wide area and we watched it happen from the top of the hill behind us.

One beautiful spot that was engulfed by the flames is a reservoir called Stumpy meadows, from where we receive our irrigation and potable water from, that is known for its beautiful setting.
Many locals have grown up swimming and camping around the lake.

When the images from the fire around the lake came out people felt heartbroken and there was the sense that this beautiful area would be lost for generations to come since the fire was so destructive that it seemed unimaginable that anything would survive it.

So, last weekend we decided to go to the lake with friends and see for ourselves how it is 2 years later.
Many of the dead burned trees have been logged but still many stand as a reminder of the fire.

Here are some photos of the night the fire reached the lake:



And here are some photos of last weekend while we were hanging out on the water.



And as you can see life is still all around the lake.