A loud boom

23 Dec No Comments Ramon Our Land

I had intended to write more about the renovation of the guest house but last Sunday we had another interesting experience.

We were having a leisurely day and were just having breakfast as we heard a loud boom.
This boom felt like it was right above us and so I ran outside to see if anything happened.

Since I was unable to see what it could have been and there were no more noises outside I brushed it off as nothing of interest.

Thirty minutes or so later I was outside again and I heard voices coming from the beginning of our driveway, and since we are far from anyone I ran up the driveway towards the road to see if someone’s car had broken down or to see if someone was maybe dumping trash.

As I got closer I noticed a truck backing up into our driveway and as I came closer it reversed and drove away…
but I still heard voices so I went on to the street where it became clear what was going on.

The loud boom was an old dead tree dropping in the middle of the road and as it fell it hit the power line that luckily had recently been moved to a new pole from being attached to this old tree. The protective measures around the power line were good enough to allow the line to stay intact.

The fire department was already there clearing the road.