A Dutchman, flags, cheap beer, cars and fireworks

9 Jul 1 Comment Ramon Local


Happy belated 4th.

I thought it would be fun to show you our 4th of July weekend celebrations seen through the eyes of a Dutchman.



We started in Oakland on the 2nd where we were staying at our regular Hotel on Jack London square where everyone was getting ready for the weekend.
It was interesting to see all decorations going up and hear staff from the Hotel and restaurants discuss the expected crowds and how to navigate that.

We drove back up to the mountains on the 3rd and when we decided to stop for lunch in Eldorado Hills we walked into the independence day celebrations which they were doing on the 3rd. It was wine, hamburgers and a cover band playing American country/rock classics.



Then on the 4th we had a whole day of all American fun planned. We started out with the parade in Garden Valley which included many classic cars and our neighbor with his 1913 model T ford that runs on burning wood (this car is unique in the world and has received interest from all over including Jay Leno).



After the parade we strolled through the park looking at the booths and drinking margaritas.



At night we (Tamara, Steven and me) went down to Placerville for the fireworks but since we arrived early we started with cheap beer (which wasn’t that cheap) and car races.



After the car races ended and we were covered in mud we finally were able to enjoy some spectacular fireworks that were so close that pieces dropped on us as it exploded.





All in all a true American experience for a real, Americanized, Dutchman